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Ron Putman GeorgiaRon Putman is a renaissance man. Talented and skilled in many areas, he has one overriding passion—dance! Trained as a Certified Public Accountant, Ron has owned and managed a number of businesses from restaurants to furniture factories over the last three decades. He discovered his passion for dance in mid-life and has been dancing ever since.

Now a professional instructor and an award-winning competitive dancer, Ron has competed in two countries with professional partners and currently competes in several states with amateur partners. As a Line Dance Coach at the height of Country Line Dancing in the mid-1990’s, he won the individual CDA National Championship Award in 1998 and danced with and coached the team that won the CDA National Championship Award in 1999.

Ron teaches Ballroom, Swing and Country Line Dance as well as wedding choreography to individuals, couples and groups at Total Training Center and Buffalo’s Southwest Café. He also teaches at the Athens Moose Lodge for the Greater Athens Dance and Social Club.

Ron has participated in “Dancing with the Athens Stars” benefiting Project Safe since its inception in 2008. His “dancing stars” have been Liz Dalton (2008), Courtney Gale (2009), Sherri Goggin (2010), Deborah Dietzler (2011), Barbara Dooley (2012) and Becky Galvin (2015). Ron was the head judge for the event in 2013 and 2014. The event has raised over $780,000 to prevent domestic abuse.

Ron manages Miller’s Blueberry Farm in Watkinsville, Georgia which produces seven varieties of blueberries and attracts thousands of pickers every season. He is also a certified beekeeper.

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